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    Beat the Summer Heat | Homemade Popsicles and 8 Other Ideas for Keeping Cool This Summer

    The most obvious way to beat the summer heat is visiting the beach, playing in a sprinkler or taking a dip in the pool. These ideas are fun and entertaining, but the monotony of repeating the same activity over and over and definitely create an “I’m bored” type of situation.

    One of our favorite ways to keep cool in the summer is to always have homemade popsicles on hand.  These can be low sugar treats to help kids keep cool, and Mom can even add extra nutrients like kale to homemade popsicles, which has no flavor, but will help to create a healthy addition to your child’s summer time treat!  Check out this Freezer Pop Maker by Progressive™ (makes 10 pops) on sale at Organize.com right now for $20.99. Even better, take advantage of their summer sale and get 15% off of all orders over $40.00 or more when you use coupon code: SUMMER15. Best of all, shop with confidence knowing that you will get FREE 2-Day Shipping with ShopRunner!

    Here are some more fun ideas to help mix things  up a little when it comes to chillin’ out this summer:

    Make a bicycle car wash.  Using ¾ inch PVC pipe poke/drill holes and place a hose inside and run your child’s bicycle under. If you are lucky, they might even get your car!

    Create a relay race with sponges. Have your children race from one bucket to the next. Each player needs to absorb water from one bucket, and then run over and fill the other bucket with their filled sponge only. The first person to fill it to the line or top of the bucket wins.

    Build a homemade water table. Fill a long plastic container with water. Add in fun items like beach toys, selecting some that will sink, and some that will float. Kids love to play in the water, and this is also great for science discovery!

    Make homemade bubbles. Mix 2/3 cup dishwashing soap (Joy or Dawn both work great), one gallon water and two to three tablespoons of glycerin (available in pharmacies or chemical supply houses). This is an easy, inexpensive and quick way to create some outdoor fun!

    Make sidewalk paint. Mix ¼ cup corn starch, ¼ cup water, and food coloring. Have fun using a hose, buckets or even a watering can to wipe off the images. Great way to cool down!

    Create a water balloon toss. To make it more fun, make the balloons soapy making it even harder to catch! After each successful toss, step back and see how far you can throw the balloon without it falling to the ground.

    Create a slip and slide. Using a large tarp or plastic sheet and baby oil or dishwashing soap, slide a long your front yard on floats. Be careful as the tarp can be slippery and be sure to remove from your yard pine cones, sticks, and other sharp objects.

    Create an obstacle course or water olympics.  Set up stations around your backyard including all or several of the games above.  Invite neighbors and friends for a fun day of friendly competition and cooling off! Serve homemade popsicles as prizes!


    Goggles | Finding the Perfect Fit + 25% Off at Speedo.com!

    One of the most important things when selecting a pair of goggles is to make sure that they are a good fit for both the shape of your face as well as the activity that you will be using them for. To easily find out what style of goggle is the best fit for your face, check out Speedo’s Goggle Guide, it is literally a step by step process which will help you to find the goggle that is the perfect fit for you!

    To determine which type of goggle you would be best suited for, narrow down your search by selecting from one of the following categories:

    Competition Racing

    Specifically engineered for top athletes and serious swimmers. Pick up speed in our most advanced racing goggles featuring hydrodynamic low-profile designs for minimum drag through the water.

    Fitness Training

    Designed for those who take swimming seriously – for training or keeping fit. Innovative technology enhancing your swim experience with maximum comfort, fit and clear vision.

    Active Essentials

    For Speedo quality, reliability and comfort, the Active Essentials range is ideal for those who want to protect their eyes from water and UV rays, in the pool or at the beach.

    Junior 6-14 Years

    Designed specifically for junior swimmers aged 6-14 years, or adults with slimmer faces. Our most popular adult goggles, re-designed to fit smaller faces with maximum comfort, fit and vision.

    Junior 2-6 Years

    Designed for 2-6 year olds learning how to swim. Quality, child-friendly goggles with easy adjustment. The perfect accessory for building your child’s confidence in water.

    Head on over to Speedo.com for all of your swimwear needs, where you can save an additional 25% off of your order at Speedo.com when you use Code SRUNNER25! (Offer ends 7/11/2012)  Best of all, of course,  is that you’ll get FREE 2-Day Shipping with ShopRunner!

    Editorial Credit: Speedo.com


    Preparing for Summer Camp | Save Up to 40% Off Outdoor Gear at EMS

    With the dawn of June comes summer and outdoor activities including camping … specifically summer camps for kids!

    Sending a child away to camp can be nerve wracking (and scary!),  after all your kids depend on you for so much.

    When packing for camp, it is important to pack enough, yet to keep it minimal. Be sure to incorporate the items below into your child’s outdoor adventure:

    __ Sleeping Bag or Bedding
    __ Pillow
    __ Pajamas
    __ Jacket or Sweatshirt for Chilly Nights
    __ Rain Coat or Poncho
    __ Hiking Boots or Closed Toe Shoes with Good Soles
    __ Shower Shoes/Flip Flops
    __ Socks
    __ Wash Cloth
    __ Towels
    __ Toothbrush
    __ Toothpaste
    __ Shampoo – Travel sizes are always best
    __ Bar of Soap – This can be left behind
    __ Deodorant
    __ Laundry or Plastic Bag
    __ Hairbrush
    __ Hair Ties for Long Hair
    __ Small Back Pack for Hikes
    __ Undergarments
    __ Swim suit
    __ Fast Drying Clothing
    __ Flashlight and Extra Batteries
    __ Water Bottle
    __ Sunscreen
    __ Bug Repellent
    __ Hat
    __ Sunglasses
    __ Stationary/Journal
    __ Pen/Pencil
    __ Postage Stamps
    __ Camera (Disposable is Best)
    __ Deck of Cards

    And if you can, tuck in something sentimental, just to let your little camper know that you are thinking of them while they are gone. (keep in mind that things DO get lost at camp, so make sure it is replaceable if need be) – stuffed animal, picture from home, etc.

    It’s important to leave many items at home; candy, electronics, snacks (unless allowed by the camp), valuable items, and any other prohibited materials that typically would not be allowed in a school or classroom setting. If your child has allergies or perhaps needs a particular medication, be sure to label it appropriately and check with your summer camp how that medicine should be administered. It is always wise to copy your child’s medical insurance card. Your camp should ask for important phone numbers including your own, your child’s doctor, and who else to call in case of emergency.

    You might consider giving your child a trial run at camping by having a family campout in the back yard beforehand. This will give them an idea of what to expect, and only add to the memories that you create together while preparing for this new adventure in independence that your child is embarking on!

    For outdoor equipment and camping gear, make sure to check out Eastern Mountain Sports for all kinds of outdoor wear and gear that will enhance your summer camping adventures. As an added bonus, they are currently featuring a North Face closeout sale where you can get items up to 30% off!! Also make sure to check out their sale on camping equipment with items discounted 20-40% off!

    Best of all, you’ll get FREE 2-Day Shipping at ShopRunner partner stores so that you will have your camping essentials on hand when you need them!

    The biggest and most important thing to pack is a positive attitude….this will be learning and exciting experience your child will never forget!  Happy camping!

    Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!

    With summer right around the corner … Moms across America are looking for time and energy fillers to keep those kids busy!  Make your summer vacation, a summer staycation by turning your backyard into the coolest (literally!) play area on the block…and do it all on a budget!  Some of our favorite toys for this summer can all be found at Toy ‘R Us where they have a HUGE selection of outdoor water toys!   Kids + Water = Fun. . . and FREE 2-Day Shipping via ShopRunner will make an even bigger splash out of your summer fun!