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    Lite Brix Building Sets Buy One Get One 40% Off at Toys “R” Us

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    Spook-tacular Kid Friendly Halloween Recipes

    There’s only six days left until the streets are filled with the sounds of kid giggles, doorbells and “Trick-or-Treat”, and the scariest to most beautiful costumes around. Autumn sure is a time for fun, for treats and for great kid friendly Halloween recipes. We’ve recently added two Pinterest Boards with a bunch of great ideas for Halloween-time treats and recipes, here are a few of our favorites.


    Halloween Caramel Apple Bar

    Kid fun activity for sure! Fill plastic bowls with chocolate chips, candy corn, mini marshmallows, Halloween-colored sprinkles and maybe even some gummy worms. Have a parent melt a bag of caramels on low and pour into a safe bowl.  Slice granny smith apples into quarters or bite-size chunks and insert a stick. The rest is pretty much up to you and your kid’s imagination! See pinned recipe.


    Cheese-ball Goblin

    Make sure the kids are filled up before trick-or-treating with a little appetizer they can gobble-in right up! Here’s an easy cheese ball recipe from Food Network.




    Slithery “Snake Bites”

    Here’s another simple to make kid friendly recipe for Halloween parties. Watch Paula Dean prepare Snake Bites in her video on Food Network. Looks pretty easy to make and kids are sure to enjoy.



    Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Fingers

    These spooky treats won’t last long so be sure to make enough to enjoy. Simple and quick to make:

    Ingredients: caramel, milk chocolate, slivered almonds, pretzel sticks
    Melt caramel on low, dip pretzel in caramel, set on waxed paper to cool. Next, melt milk chocolate on low and dip cooled caramel pretzel stick in chocolate, apply one slivered almond to the tip. Let cool. Enjoy the creepiness!


    What are some of your favorite kid friendly Halloween recipes? Leave a comment for others to enjoy!

    Air Zone Blasters | Buy One Get One 1/2 Off at Toys “R” Us!

    One benefit of online shopping with ShopRunner  is that you can grab the hottest deals when you find them, and it is also a great way to sneak in some early holiday shopping! Right now, Toys “R” Us is featuring a great deal on all Air Zone Blasters which are Buy One Get One 1/2 off! No coupon code needed, this offer expires 10/27/2012.

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    Pumpkin Carving: A Fun Family Tradition

    It’s that time of year when the fall air is getting cooler, leaves are turning red, orange and brown, and kids are ready to get into costume and head out Trick-or-Treating. But before they go, have some family fun carving this year’s Jack-o-lantern with a few tips, ideas and stencils.

    Here are a few helpful tips for your pumpkin carving activity:

    1. Safety first. Always make sure an adult is present during pumpkin carving. Adults should make the harder cuts and let the kids scoop out the seeds. Also, a good pumpkin carving tool set comes in handy (only ($5.99 at CostumeExpress.com and FREE 2-Day Shipping with ShopRunner.)
    2. Simple, simple, simple. You don’t have to carve a Picasso-like design to have fun, keep things simple and make a silly face or check out these printable pumpkin stencils for great ideas.
    3. Be creative! A crooked mouth is ok. One eye could be fun. Use penne pasta as teeth (just hot glue a toothpick to the pasta, let it dry and stick the toothpick in the jack-o-lantern’s mouth.)
    4. Stickers and paint. Some younger children will enjoy decorating pumpkins with stickers, paint, pipe cleaners or other craft items. Let your kids use their young imagination to create their monster-piece!

    Share your pumpkin carving tips or ideas by leaving a comment.

    Oh and if you need some ideas for treats, decorations and goodies, we’ve pinned a collection of Halloween Tricks and Treats on our Pinterest board, go check it out.


    Visit the Toys “R” Us Halloween Boo-tique for Seasonal Fun for All this Fall!

    Along with a huge selection of costumes, Toys “R” Us is also a great source for (candy) buckets full of Halloween fun this year, thanks to their Boo-tique!

    Need some spooky inspiration to get you in the spirit? Watch this fun Hotel Transylvania movie trailer:


    Looking for something FUN for your kids to do this weekend?

    Toys “R” Us  has a FANG-Tastic page filled with fun activities like coloring pages you can print, Wicked Wallpaper for your computer and some online games.  Head on over to the Kid’s Fun Patch for all of the free activities:


    Need Cute Costume Ideas?

    Infant Shark CostumeIf you have some festive shopping to do, make sure to check out the huge selection of Halloween Costumes for ages 0-12 months all the way to adult costumes. There are over 400 costumes to choose from! They also have a nice selection of Halloween and fall themed books for young readers! Of course,  you will enjoy FREE 2-Day Shipping with ShopRunner!

    20 Snack Ideas for School & Home | Save 20% on Back to School Essentials from Organize.com

    Many people are jumping on the ‘healthy band wagon.’ For some it’s in an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle and for others it’s because they have children with allergies and strict dietary concerns. Regardless of the reason, parents have started to make a conscious effort when it comes to preparing snacks for their kids’ school lunches and celebrations. With that in mind, we have handpicked the most creative, delicious, and nutritious treats that your kids will love.

    Check out our list below, and for corresponding recipes head to our Pinterest board.

    1. Fruit: fruit is a great snack/dessert choice for children. There are so many different options. Get creative by using a hollowed out watermelon as a bowl.
    2. Annie’s Homegrown Organic Cheddar Snack Mix and grapes in a ziplock bag closed in the middle with a clothespin to resemble butterfly.
    3. Popcorn: sometimes we forget how easy and healthy natural popcorn can be. Get creative and put popcorn on skewers with fruit or nuts (if your school allows).
    4. Mini marshmallows (or cheese bits) stuck between two apple slices to create a silly smile.
    5. No bake energy bites (oatmeal, nut-butter, honey, coconut) formed into balls to provide an extra kick of energy in the afternoon. Note: if there are any nut allergies in your child’s classroom you can replace with seed butter such as sunflower butter.
    6.  If there are no nut allergies, these PB&J sushi rollups with fruit are adorable and delectable!
    7. Honeydew, raspberry popsicles for warmer days.
    8. Scooter snacks! This is a scooter made out of string cheese, veggies, and pretzels. This would be best if your child has a small class or if you and your child want to make something fun and delicious together.
    9. Frozen yogurt stuffed raspberries. A cool and delicious treat!
    10. Hard-boiled egg and cheese boat. Perfect for a mid-morning snack.
    11. Apple chips! Crispy apples with a small amount of oil and sugar.
    12. Banana pops: bananas, yogurt, granola, and a few chocolate chips (or raisins) on a stick!
    13. A super healthy cake batter pizza! Throw in a few colorful sprinkles and it will be a birthday celebration to remember!
    14. Healthy snack cones: ice-cream cones filled with Cheerios, raisins, popcorn, dried fruit, and any other healthy treat that will fit.
    15. Create a school of fish with pretzels, mini apricots, a little bit of cream cheese, and mini chocolate chips.
    16. Frozen yogurt dots. Make in tons of colors or throw in frozen chocolate chips. Arrange in ice-cream cones, zip lock bags, or an empty ice cream box.
    17. Oatmeal banana flax muffins.
    18. Sliced apples with do-it-yourself toppings such as nut butters, coconut, raisins, chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
    19. Delicious and healthy banana chocolate chip bread. Can be made gluten-free and vegan!
    20. Don’t underestimate the power of whole grain chips or crackers with some fresh salsa or homemade guacamole. The healthy fats in the avocado will definitely keep the kids full for a few good hours!

    For carrying around these great snacks, we love these reusable snack bags from organize.com. They come in a variety of designs, are perfect for kid’s lunches and travel and are machine washable and reusable. Shop now and get 20% off your order at checkout with code “DORM12.” You’ll also enjoy FREE 2-Day Shipping from ShopRunner.

    Back to School | Free Lunch Kit with any Kid’s Backpack Purchase at Toys “R” Us

    The first day of school is just around the corner and that means that it’s time to starting thinking about one of the back to school essentials: the backpack.  Not only have backpacks become a part of a child’s daily routine, but they are also a great way for a child do share their personality and/or favorite characters.

    Right now, Toys “R” Us is offering a great deal on a large selection of backpacks plus, get a FREE Lunch Kit (up to 9.99 value) when you buy any qualifying backpack priced 12.99 or more! (see details here) Even better,  you will get FREE 2-Day Shipping with ShopRunner!

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    Get Ready for Back to School with ShopRunner

    Back to School - Kids

    Summer is almost over and a new school year is about to begin — that means it’s Back to School time. With the start of school many parents may be running around trying to get all the necessary supplies, school outfits and backpacks ready for their grade school, high school or even college-aged children. But avoid all the hassle this year and save time by shopping from home, save money with great offers, AND get your items shipped fast & free!

    Shop these Back to School Deals & More!

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    Quick ShopRunner Tip:

    Parents of college students: order from ShopRunner participating stores and have your order shipped fast & free to your daughter or son’s college — surprise them with a care package every now and then.





    Tips to Preparing Kids’ School Lunches + Save $5 at Organize.com

    Parents have many concerns as a new school year approaches. From school sports to school supplies, it all seems equally important. However, one of the most crucial things parents should worry about is their children’s nutrition.  School lunches may not be as nutritious as you may have hoped, that is why many parents have chosen to send their children to school with home cooked (or packed) lunches. With the increase in childhood obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, this is a wonderful idea!

    Some things to remember when packing your child’s lunch:

    • Whole grain carbs are much healthier than white flours/pastas or other refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates turn to sugar which then turns to fat aiding in the obesity epidemic.
    • Skip the chips and the cupcakes. Processed foods wreak havoc on little bodies causing children to ‘crash’ after lunch.
    • Also avoid sugar laden treats and high fructose corn syrup which is damaging to growing bodies and minds.
    • Fruit is a healthy and delicious dessert with good-for-you sugars.
    • The fiber found in many vegetables keeps children fuller longer.
    • Bento style lunch boxes make preparing lunch a snap which can be easily found at Organize.com which is currently offering $5 off your purchase when you spend $40 with coupon code SR540.
    • There is more power in numbers. Get a group of parents together to trade lunch ideas. Your kids are more likely to eat something healthy if all of their friends are eating it as well.
    • Lastly, do your research. Google your little hearts out. There are plenty of books, blogs, articles, and websites to help you prepare the best food for your children. (Some great blogs to check out: Oh She Glows, GF Vegan Mom, The Wellness Junkie, Healthy Happy Life). Don’t forget Pinterest which has a wealth of information and pictures!

    Here are some health child-approved lunch ideas:

    • Whole grain pasta with vegetables
    • Club sandwiches (some deli meat and lots of veggies) on whole grain bread
    • Veggie burgers
    • Turkey and cheese rollups (in whole grain tortillas)
    • Rice and beans
    • Cucumber sandwich
    • Grilled veggie sandwich
    • Almond butter and jelly sandwich (on whole grain bread)
    • Meat, cheese, and veggie skewers
    • Chili
    • Homemade pizza on a whole grain tortilla (just pop it in the toaster oven)
    • Tuna and crackers

    And dessert and snack ideas can include many fruits, vegetables with dipping sauces (such as hummus, almond butter, etc.), homemade trail mix, or granola bars.


    Beat the Summer Heat | Homemade Popsicles and 8 Other Ideas for Keeping Cool This Summer

    The most obvious way to beat the summer heat is visiting the beach, playing in a sprinkler or taking a dip in the pool. These ideas are fun and entertaining, but the monotony of repeating the same activity over and over and definitely create an “I’m bored” type of situation.

    One of our favorite ways to keep cool in the summer is to always have homemade popsicles on hand.  These can be low sugar treats to help kids keep cool, and Mom can even add extra nutrients like kale to homemade popsicles, which has no flavor, but will help to create a healthy addition to your child’s summer time treat!  Check out this Freezer Pop Maker by Progressive™ (makes 10 pops) on sale at Organize.com right now for $20.99. Even better, take advantage of their summer sale and get 15% off of all orders over $40.00 or more when you use coupon code: SUMMER15. Best of all, shop with confidence knowing that you will get FREE 2-Day Shipping with ShopRunner!

    Here are some more fun ideas to help mix things  up a little when it comes to chillin’ out this summer:

    Make a bicycle car wash.  Using ¾ inch PVC pipe poke/drill holes and place a hose inside and run your child’s bicycle under. If you are lucky, they might even get your car!

    Create a relay race with sponges. Have your children race from one bucket to the next. Each player needs to absorb water from one bucket, and then run over and fill the other bucket with their filled sponge only. The first person to fill it to the line or top of the bucket wins.

    Build a homemade water table. Fill a long plastic container with water. Add in fun items like beach toys, selecting some that will sink, and some that will float. Kids love to play in the water, and this is also great for science discovery!

    Make homemade bubbles. Mix 2/3 cup dishwashing soap (Joy or Dawn both work great), one gallon water and two to three tablespoons of glycerin (available in pharmacies or chemical supply houses). This is an easy, inexpensive and quick way to create some outdoor fun!

    Make sidewalk paint. Mix ¼ cup corn starch, ¼ cup water, and food coloring. Have fun using a hose, buckets or even a watering can to wipe off the images. Great way to cool down!

    Create a water balloon toss. To make it more fun, make the balloons soapy making it even harder to catch! After each successful toss, step back and see how far you can throw the balloon without it falling to the ground.

    Create a slip and slide. Using a large tarp or plastic sheet and baby oil or dishwashing soap, slide a long your front yard on floats. Be careful as the tarp can be slippery and be sure to remove from your yard pine cones, sticks, and other sharp objects.

    Create an obstacle course or water olympics.  Set up stations around your backyard including all or several of the games above.  Invite neighbors and friends for a fun day of friendly competition and cooling off! Serve homemade popsicles as prizes!