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    20% Off at Beauty.com for Friends & Family

    Now through Friday, November 9th, you can enjoy 20% off your Beauty.com purchases. Beauty.com carries some wonderful product lines, many that are very hard to find discounts on, including: Philosophy, Origins, Smashbox, Bareminerals and more. Finding these items on sale like this could put an extra little sparkle in your holiday budget, and also help you to cross a few special gifts off your list.

    Don’t forget, beauty products make GREAT stocking stuffers and you will also enjoy the convenience of FREE 2-Day Shipping (and returns!) when you check out using ShopRunner!

    40% Off Makeup Products at Drugstore.com

    Looking to enhance your look this fall? Now is your chance! Enjoy 40% off makeup products at Drugstore.com right now when you use coupon code MAKEUP40 at checkout, which will make for some amazing deals! This offer expires on October 20th, 2012.

    Best of all, many items qualify for FREE 2-Day Shipping (and returns!) when you checkout with ShopRunner!


    Glow Out and Have Fun This Summer

    With the arrival of summer comes beach parties, trips to the lake and all kinds of “fun in the sun” activities.  With the risk of sun damage looming, sunscreen is now a must. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t show up glowing like you just left the islands!  There are so many self tanning options on the market right now, including everything from creams to spray-on tans that you can apply right in the comfort of your own home!

    *Hot Tip: To give extended life to your golden glow, make sure to exfoliate first!

    Try this Lancaster Self Tan now available for $27.00 at Beauty.com and you will also get FREE 2-Day Shipping with ShopRunner!


    Hot Tips for Summer Hair

    Warm weather and the beach seem to be around the corner.   While it is much easier to skip washing your hair every day when the sun is not melting your face and scalp, there is now a solution – dry shampoo!

    Dry Shampoo focuses on removing your hair’s natural oil as well as dirt, styling products and scalp flakes. It absorbs your hairs natural oil rather than washing it away as normal shampoo and water would do. Just brush it out and leave your hair feeling cleaner and lighter.  Simply spray the product in your hair, brush the excess powder out, and style as you would after a wash.

    Right now, Drugstore.com has a select of 40 possible shampoos to choose from.   Shop via ShopRunner for FREE 2-Day Shipping!

    Remember, healthy hair is usually found when it is washed and exposed to heat only 2 to 3 times a week!