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    For the Family


    It’s just about time to shuffle your little one on to the school bus for their first day back at school. While you fight through the emotions of not knowing whether you should cry because they are so grown up now, or cheer that they are out of your hair for 7 hours a day, make sure you aren’t also wondering if you remembered everything in their backpack. Here are 5 items that you should not overlook.


    A Calculator

    Look, we’d all like our kids to be able to do math by hand, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. It’s good for the little one to have a backup that helps them out a bit. And let’s face it, in 20 years when they are holding down a real job, are they going to be doing math by hand or with a calculator? Trick question, some crazy new technology will come along and make both obsolete.

    An All-in-one NoteBinder

    Folders, a planner, pockets, paper and a place to hold your pencil all in one product? YES PLEASE! In fact, while you’re at it, make sure you get an extra one for your day job.

    A Box of 96 Crayons 

    Because let’s face it, you were a kid once too, and you know 8 colors just doesn’t cut it.

    Hand Sanitizer

    If you think your kid isn’t getting all germy, you’re only fooling yourself. You’re also probably fooling yourself if you think your kid will actually use the hand sanitzer, but the only way to guarantee they won’t use it is to not put it in the bag in the first place.

    A Raincoat

    This isn’t necessarily in the backpack, so much as an accessory you shouldn’t forget. And if the backpack is big enough, or has a side pouch or something, then you must not forget to put this in there. Your kid will thank you later. No funny quip here, this is just good advice.


    We promised we wouldn’t leave the boys out. So here are some of our favorite back to school shoe styles for them. And just as with the girls’ shoes, save $20 off regularly priced orders of $90 or more at onlineshoes.com with code 20SHOPRUN, with FREE return shipping just in case the size isn’t perfect.

    1. Dr Martens Colby

    2. Reebok ZigNano ProFury

    3. New Balance KV990GR

    4. KEEN Sula

    5. Merrell Flux Glove Kids

    6. Nike Mogan 2 Jr.

    7. Timberland Field Boot Scuff Proof Boot

    8. KEEN Coronado lace Up

    You can find more boys’ styles here.


    Back to School Shoes For Girls

    Don’t let your head spin too much while making sure you check everything off of that back to school list that your child’s teacher supplied, because if you do, you’ll forget about the things that aren’t on that list, and end up sending your kid to school with the same shoes that got beat up all summer long. Here are some of our favorite Back To School shoe styles for girls. Shop now and save $20 off regularly priced orders of $90 or more at onlineshoes.com with code 20SHOPRUN. And as always, not only do you get FREE 2-Day shipping, but you get free return shipping as well, so if your kid’s foot grew a bunch over the summer and you ordered the wrong size, you have nothing to worry about. Also, if you have a boy, check back tomorrow when you show you some of our favorite boy shoe styles.

    1. New Balance KJ890

    2. Merrell Skyjumper Brash Kids 

    3. Hush Puppies Bonita

    4. KEEN Harvest MJ

    5. Clarks Desert Boots 

    6. UGG Australia K Anaya 

    7. Timberland Mad River Two-Strap Sandal 

    8. Reebok RealFlex Transition 2.0 

    Many many more girls’ shoes can be found here.


    If you have your suitcases full of neatly arranged electronics, boxes packed to the brim with school supplies that mom bought you, and garbage bags stuffed with your clothes, that means you must be headed off to college. Before you fill that car up so much that you can’t see out of the rear view mirror, remember these 7 items for your dorm/apartment that are often overlooked:

    1. Football Jersey

    Picture this. It’s Saturday and it’s gameday at your new school. Sure you’ve heard that college football is popular, but you didn’t realize that meant people would be tailgating on campus starting at 8am for the 8pm game. Literally thousands of people are walking around campus, all with the latest team gear on, and you don’t have any. You thought you’d just go to the game in your regular shirt and shorts you’d wear to class. Big mistake. Make sure you are supporting your team the right way, with a jersey. If you don’t, you risk being casted off as an outsider by your soon to be former friends. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    2. Coffee Maker

    Sure, you may not be a coffee drinker now, but we can promise you that will change quickly, especially when mid-terms roll around and you haven’t been to class other than to pick up the syllabus on the first day, thus forcing yourself into an all night cram session. Don’t get stuck having to pay $3 for a cup of joe at the student union, when you can brew it yourself. Bonus advice: You can make friends by offering them coffee as well.

    3. Headphones

    It’s inevitable that at some point you are going to want to watch something on HBO Go and your roommate is going to want to study. But that jerk won’t go to the library, but instead they will make themselves comfortable at their desk or on their bed. Now you could be the jerk and blast the sound on your computer in an attempt to drive them from the room, and as tempting as that sounds, it’s best to avoid dormmate conflict. So pack yourself a good pair of headphones and re-watch The Sopranos without starting an international incident.

    4. Book Light

    See headphones above. Except reverse the situation to where you want to study and your roommate wants to sleep.

    5. Steamer

    By now, you’ve probably gotten pretty used to either A. just wearing wrinkled clothes, or B. tossing those bad boys in the dryer for 10 minutes to straighten those threads out. Here’s the thing about college, all of your clothes WILL BE wrinkled because there isn’t enough space to store them, nobody wants to be friend with Wrinkle McGee, and the dryer is not an option. So now what? Well, most people will iron, but the steamer is the real trick. It’s so much easier and faster, and takes up a ton less space. So there’s an extremely practical solution that will keep you looking good.

    6. Migraine Relief Medicine 

    For those, uh, headaches…

    7. Domino’s Pizza

    Ok this one you don’t have to put in your car, but trust us, it will be clutch. Thanks to your ShopRunner membership, you’ll never have to pay the delivery fee to Dominos. Just keep that one in your back pocket for those late night college cravings.

    8. Bonus Tip 

    Don’t be the fool with a lava lamp and black light. Seriously.

    Top Fashion Back To School Backpacks

    This post comes courtesy of eBags. You can check out this post and lots more on the official eBags Blog.

    It’s that time of year again. Time to get out that school shopping list and check off items like pencils, pens, paper, notebooks, and (of course) a new school backpack. But unlike the other supplies, you’ll want to start your search for your backpack online…at eBags.com. That’s because we have the largest supply of school backpacks and bags for everyone from the budget shopper to the savvy fashionista.

    Today we’re focusing on bags for that last group. Whether you’re looking for something for your little style maven or something that will have you looking great on and off campus, we’ve your bag in our top fashion back to school backpacks list below.

    Urban Junket Kathy Laptop Backpack

    Available in several bright and bold colors, this lightweight and water-resistant backpack features tons of pockets for your essentials as well as an internal padded section for a laptop. Bonus: This bag is eco-friendly. It is made from reclaimed plastic bottles.

    Sakroots Artist Circle Backpack

    This pack from Sakroots is a perennial favorite. It’s back again in several patterns including Scarlet Flower Power featured here. It comes with a matching, removable cosmetic case perfect for storing your lipstick, cell phone, pens, and pencils.

    Kipling Raychel GM

    It’s hard not to make a statement when you carry this metallic backpack. You’ll love the organization including laptop protection and multiple pockets. Plus, like all Kipling bags, this one comes with the furry monkey key ring – a fun detail to complement the bag’s unique style.

    Sumo Combo Backpack

    Another laptop backpack with a sense of style, this bag has a chic, urban style, sleek lines, and room for your 14.1″ laptop, 15″ MacBook, tablet, or iPad. It is also available in black.

    Roxy Camper Backpack

    Roxy is known for their feminine yet beach/surf style that says “relaxed”, but you’ll love how this backpack also has fashionable details like stud detailing, metal hardware, and faux leather trim. It’s the perfect bag to carry both on and off campus.

    Ranipak Limited Laptop Backpack

    Stand out from the sea of boring bags with this unique laptop backpack from Ranipak. Not only is it truly eye-catching, it also has tons of features including a neoprene laptop compartment, water repellent material, a side water bottle pocket, a smartphone pocket, room for your tablet, and an airmesh padded back panel for carrying support.

    Vera Bradley Campus Backpack

    If you love great patterns, look no further than Vera Bradley. Their campus backpack comes in their signature patterns including Lola which is featured here. This pack includes two exterior side slip pockets, two exterior pockets, two zip closure pockets, and adjustable straps.

    Mobile Edge Onyx Backpack

    When you want to carry just the essentials (including your 16 inch laptop or 17 inch MacBook Pro), look no further than the Mobile Edge Onyx Backpack. You’ll love the designer-developed style of this bag with its faux-croc accents plus all the organization including several pockets for items like your phone, water bottle, and cosmetics.

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    Right now, through March 2nd, 2013, you can save an additional 25% off all LeapFrog Learning toys at Toys “R” Us, no coupon code needed!

    Great finds, like this LeapFrog My Own Leap Top will not only entertain your little one, but it is also a great learning tool for your technologically curious child. One top of the nice savings, you will also score FREE 2-Day Shipping (and returns!) when you check out using ShopRunner!

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    Ooooo la la! Find wonderful fragrances and savings as well when you shop The Perfume Spot, where you can score $10 off of your purchase of $80 or more when you use coupon code: SR10 at checkout!

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    This coupon code offer expires on 02/28/2013.

    How to Make Your Dietary Resolutions…Last!

    January is about starting anew. People strive to improve their lives by resolving to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, quit smoking, spend less, the list goes on and on. You undoubtedly are in the process of developing your own version of this list. This is a good thing – the desire to set goals, better yourself, and improve your quality of life!

    The frustration many people have with resolutions is that they are hard to maintain. Case in point – the bursting at the seams health club in January that is deserted by the time spring training rolls around in March. I’d like to offer you some simple, sustainable suggestions for seeing your resolutions come to fruition and become part of your lifestyle. You can do this!

    Set small goals. Losing 50 pounds = not a small goal. Increasing workouts from 2 days a week to 6 days a week = not a small goal. Follow the mantra of “What About Bob?” and take baby steps toward your ultimate objectives. Example: I will increase my exercise from 2 runs a week to 3. Or I will pass on dessert one night a week. Or up fluid intake by ½ a bottle per day. Half of the battle is psychological – setting mini goals that are easily accomplished results in increased confidence and the desire to keep up the good work!
    Stop giving the scale power over your state of mind. The desire to lose weight is not a bad one in itself (if you could stand to lose a few to improve health). It becomes risky when you associate a number to it – wanting to drop 20 pounds, for example. Because what happens when you lose 15, not 20? You have failed – you haven’t actually met your goal. When in fact you have made great strides toward improving your health and longevity. Try, try, TRY to pay more attention to how your body feels, and how your clothes fit than what the scale says. This is especially important for athletes due to the weight of muscle mass!
    Collaborate with a spouse, family member, or friend. Let’s face it – accountability is huge. Having someone there to keep you on track with your nutrition goals (when you’re falling off the wagon) can be a lifesaver. Use the people in your life to your benefit and help each other stay on course.
    Connect each of your goals to the resulting benefit(s). You lose weight…and improve your overall health. You amp up exercise… and increase feel-good endorphins. You cut back on caffeine… and promote healthier sleep. By recognizing why each goal is important to you and what you get out of it, you create a sense of ownership and therefore a higher likelihood of success!

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    By Brooke Schohl, MS, RD

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